Okay, forget about writing in Bahasa Indonesia. I need to rant my self out.

I have too many hobbies for my own good, hence I can’t decide when to do what and I end up not doing anything which frustrates me further because I feel like I am being unproductive. I’ve got reading, writing, drawing, and taking pictures as my hobbies. Not to mention swimming since I have to excercise at least once a week. It’s a necessity for my own health.

Reading has become one of my hobbies since 2008. Though, it just recently changed from reading manga exclusively to reading manga and novel. And there goes my money because I would like to read books in English. I am teaching in an international school and feel the need to upgrade my vocabulary. Because frankly, my growth has been stagnant with manga.

Writing! It came right next after reading. Without writing I can’t use English actively. I mainly write for blogs tho, personal journal entry or something like that. No biggie.

And, the most important for me in which I can shake off no matter what, drawing. I love to draw. I have been drawing since I was ten years old. It started simple by copying my notebook cover picture. Then I started reading comic (horror comics LOL) and was tempted to mimick the drawing in the manga. LOL I still remember my comic of Manusia Purba. God it’s so embarrassing.

Taking pictures came last. I never even intended to have any interest in photography. I was thinking to buy a digital camera recorder just for family purpose and my junior told me with that value of money I could be better off with a DSLR instead. So DSLR was what I got. Then, with a DSLR in my possession, it would be a real waste of money and resource if I am not using it. So I am off to random places to take random pictures. And without I am realizing it I read a lot of articles about photography and develop my own understanding of it. It was a wild and rudder-less journey. I was going about it blind -___-

How I do them basically depends on my mood. One time I am in the mood to draw. Another time I may post tens of photographic pictures on my Instagram, daily. Then I can disappear only to come back with a full page of manga ready to be published.

I would really love to do all of them in a relatively short span of time. But apparently I am not as committed as I make my self think. At 8pm I set an alarm for everyday. It is like an allotted time to do either processing a picture (if I have taken any during the day) or draw something and post it somewhere.

Today I feel mightily productive! I finished a panel of my comic (haven’t cleaned it, tho -___-) and I even write an entry in this blog! Hoot hoot!

Enjoy my sketchy drawing.